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Part 2: How To Detect The Most Common Skin Cancer

May 2014

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common type of skin cancer.  They often look like red, scaly patches but they can also become raised, crusty, warty and appear as an open sore.

Most SCC is the result of excessive sunlight or tanning beds and though they can appear anywhere, they generally show up on the sun exposed areas of the face and arms.

Though not usually life threatening, SCC is responsible for 2500 deaths each year...

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The staff and doctors at Smith Dermatology have been so helpful and friendly in evaluating and recommending the best options for improving my skin. Once I started using the Epionce products, I saw an instant change in skin softness and my make-up went on much smoother. The time it took for acne breakouts to go away was reduced dramatically and over time, my skin has really improved. I also have done some Epionce peels and this has helped to reduce the scarring from when my breakouts were awful...
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