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7 Facts about Psoriasis

August 2014

Have you ever wondered about that persistent red, scaly rash on your knees, elbows, or other area?  Does it seem to get worse, then better, but never really goes away?  Have you tried every cream and ointment in your medicine cabinet and on the pharmacy shelf but nothing seems to work?  You, and as many as 3% of the population, could be suffering from a disease known as psoriasis.  

This month is Psoriasis Awareness Month, and with millions of...

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Skin Stories

The staff and doctors at Smith Dermatology have been so helpful and friendly in evaluating and recommending the best options for improving my skin. Once I started using the Epionce products, I saw an instant change in skin softness and my make-up went on much smoother. The time it took for acne breakouts to go away was reduced dramatically and over time, my skin has really improved. I also have done some Epionce peels and this has helped to reduce the scarring from when my breakouts were awful...
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